Do you want to be a Data Scientist

The road to become a Data Scientist is paved with honing following skills:

  1. Coding Skills (Python or R)
  2. Logical Thinking
  3. Mathematics ( Statistics, Algebra and Calculus)
  4. Business Understanding

You need to work on top 3 skills until you finish your graduation. Business understanding comes with experience and reading books, case studies, research papers etc.

The best free resources to  learn above skills :

  1. Choose your language of interest ( R or Python) and learn them. You can followLearning paths on R and Learning path on Python. Just google them, and check the first link.
  2. Learn Statistics – You can follow Intro to Statistics and Intro to Descriptive Statistics and Intro to Inferential Statistics
  3. Learn Algebra, Calculus – You can follow Algebra I and Probability and statistics  and Differential calculus and Integral calculus
  4. There are lots of MOOCs available on Python and R for Data Science. Take any of them. For example – For R, you can do Analytics Edge by edX.
  5. Look for internships in data science. There are many startups in India who are hiring interns. For example – Analytics Vidhya
  6. Participate in Data Science Competition – Hands on learning is the best way to learn data science. Start participating on Data Hack, Kaggle and evaluate yourself.
  7. Practice, Practice and Practice

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