My research focuses on information and communication technologies for social, economic, and political development. In particular I study the internet-enabled services and their design, impact, and importance particularly in India. I research engineering, public policy, hci/usability and sustainability issues with reference to machine learning and information retrieval capabilities as well as methods to assess and evaluate social, economic, and political development outcomes. I am also interested in the impact of information and communication technologies on the development-security nexus and in post-conflict peace and reconciliation.

I am also interested in simple lifestyle changes that makes life better for our fellow human beings and creating an open and free thinking environment through communication to enhance productivity and personal satisfaction.

My motto of life is SILRFT that stands for simple innovative living by raising free thinking.


Dr.. Chhavi Rana has an experience of over 10 years teaching Data mining and Web Development subjects at various engineering Institutes. Currently she is working as Coordinator and Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science Engineering, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana. She has completed her PhD. in Web Mining from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India.  She have been interested in area of Data mining research from the past 8 years attending around 25 conferences and presenting papers related to this field. Also she has published 30 papers in reputed journals such as Springer and Elsevier. Besides Data mining, her research interests also include information management, Information Retrieval and ICT. She has supervised 20 M.Tech thesis and currently supervising 4 M.Tech thesis and 4 Ph.D students. She also won twice DST Travel grant to present paper in USA and Spain as well as TEQUIP World bank Travel grant to present paper in University of Sydney, Australia. She has also been reviewer on  IEEE Transaction’s on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems, Artificial Intelligence Review, Springer as well as Inderscience Publishers.She has also published 4 books on her research work.



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Rana Chhavi, “Dynamic Recommender System”, Data Mining, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, (In Publication process), Paperback edition.
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 Singroha Dolly, Rana Chhavi , “Prediction Function with Time Factor in Collaborative Filtering”, Data Mining, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3848436040, Paperback edition  72 Pages.


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